Must Read: The Best New Entrepreneurial Books of 2017 So Far


With such a wide array of resources catered to entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to wade through the myriad options to find the most beneficial, educational, and transformational business ideas out there. On top of that, opinions and trends shift and evolve constantly, and it is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to always be one step ahead.


In an effort to help aspiring, novice, and seasoned entrepreneurs achieve success, this essential reading list focuses on the best and newest business books on the market. From daily exercises and tips on growing your business to learning how to create lovable brands, these are the top entrepreneurial books of 2017 so far.

The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions

In The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions: Essential Daily Exercises and Habits for Becoming Wealthier, Smarter, and More Successful, author Rhett Power draws from his experiences as an entrepreneur by identifying manageable steps to bettering yourself and your business. Released in January, this book is a fresh take on a day-by-day action plan, teaching you how to grow your business through breaking bad habits, increasing productivity while minimizing effort, recognizing the key issues that affect your business, creating company culture, and allowing time for creativity and innovation — to name a few.


Inc. Magazine editor Jeff Haden offers high praise for the book, saying that by following Power’s advice, “You’ll find that you’ve done more than you ever imagined possible.” It definitely isn’t easy, but Power lays out the groundwork to put you on the right track to make your entrepreneurial endeavors sustainable and prosperous.



“Love is central to business,” writes Brian de Haaff in Lovability: How to Build a Business That People Love and Be Happy Doing It (April 2017). As the CEO of Silicon Valley startup Aha!, and with years of founding successful technology companies and award-winning products, de Haaff shares his knowledge about what drives a brand forward: Complete devotion and adoration from customers. In addition to providing case studies and interviews from notable startup founders, product managers, executives, and CEOs at hundreds of big-name businesses to impart invaluable lessons, de Haaff delivers actionable steps any product and company builder can take. These include tapping into what customers really want, nurturing relationships with employees, how to turn business strategy into customer loyalty, and how to measure your business’s “lovability.”


”[De Haaff] lays out a consumer-oriented road map to success,” writes Publishers Weekly. “The author obviously takes great pride in having a positive work culture at his company, and he points out that a company needs to be lovable internally as well as externally. With sensible advice and a humanistic tone, this offering will encourage companies big and small to value both customers and employees.”


Hacking Growth

“Growth hacking” is one of the most popular business methodologies of our time, and is used by everything from younger startups like Airbnb, Facebook, and Uber to long-standing corporations like IBM, Walmart, and Microsoft. This tried-and-true approach is outlined in Hacking Growth: How Today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success, and is defined as involving “cross-functional teams and rapid-tempo testing” as well as engaging customers and motivating them to come back for more. Written by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown, and released in April, the book provides a profound toolkit that entrepreneurs, executives, and team leaders can use to acquire more customers, increase their market share, and produce their own customizable growth hacking strategy for consistent and data-driven results. Brown writes that Hacking Growth articulates “the skill and rigor you bring to the process of growing something and the real value your sweat equity creates.” With millions of individuals and companies benefitting from the growth hacking methodology, this must-read is for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.



The newest book on our list, Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want, was released this June by 28-year-old entrepreneur Daniel DiPiazza. Not your typical business book, DiPiazza offers insight into his own unconventional path, and how to trade in your boring desk job for the career of your dreams. There’s a new standard on how you’re spending time, networking, and generating revenue streams, and this conversational and approachable book is packed tight with innovative secrets of success including taking your best skills and using them towards your passion, three questions to fail-proof your business idea, how to prioritize and focus, promotion strategies, and how to build an impeccable online presence. While Rich20Something is mostly catered to millennials, if you are interested in thinking outside the box and wanting to pave an untraditional road to success — this is the book for you.

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